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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • RT @dpnem: So Hans Zimmer wants you. But what if your heart already belongs to James Newton Howard. ->
  • Classical Music Is Zombies because BBC notes its hostility to women ( + Slate says it's dead ( ) ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II reverse-order daily track countdown: #20 (“Hexagon”) (w/ @vuzhmusic cameo) ->
  • Today's Aphex SAW2 countdown ("Hexagon," #20) includes 5 versions: original, slowed down, with live drums, reversed: ->
  • These news articles in which the accompanying photos are selfies of the victim or suspect. ->
  • So, they set their mixes of other people's music free for download, and yet not their own music. ->
  • "Shane Carruth hasn’t shared any public sounds. Follow Shane Carruth for updates of their new sounds." ->
  • According to the HBO app, all 4 Lethal Weapon movies are "action," and all all but the second are "comedy." ->
  • RIP, jazz saxophonist Arthur Doyle (69): Yes, the one namechecked by Sonic Youth on Sonic Nurse. ->
  • RT @Le_Berger: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS, but more for your participation really. Listen & read the guidelines…. ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II reverse-order daily track countdown: #19 (“Stone in Focus”) ->
  • Today's Aphex SAW2 countdown ("Stone in Focus," #19) includes 4 versions: original, cover, slowed down, reversed: ->
  • RT @333books: Marc Weidenbaum awaits the Feb 13 release of his Aphex Twin SAW2 book with a daily track-by-track analysis:”¦ ->
  • "Anytime you feel the pain." The conference call's hold music is the Beatles' "Hey Jude." ->
  • "Mrs. Patmore is not what you'd call a futurist." ->
  • Something depressing—and telling—about my Wired magazine subscription triggering an email suggestion that I subscribe to a golf magazine. ->
  • low-flying jet + washing machine + wind chimes + school marching band's drum practice + car alarm ”¦ #whatdoyouhearnow? ->
  • A clarification about my Aphex Twin SAW2 track-by-track descriptive countdown: it's the opposite of my 33 1/3 book, which is themed essays. ->
  • 33 tracks, with 6 or so hours to go, in #freebasel project honoring imprisoned Creative Commons software advocate: ->
  • The URL inanimategif dot com is not taken. Just saying. ->
  • After listening to Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works V.II daily for year-plus, I took a few months off. Nice to revisit for the track posts. ->
  • Later today a SAW2 track post on #18 ("Windowsill"), perhaps the most X Files”“y on an album released less than a year after X Files debuted. ->
  • Super cool. I'll include in tonight's daily SAW2 track countdown. RT @Schemawound: @disquiet Book Acquired. Congrats in reply to Schemawound ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II reverse-order daily track countdown: #18 (“Windowsill”) @333books ->
  • Today's Aphex SAW2 countdown ("Windowsill," #18), 2 versions: original, reversed: + @schemawound proof-of-book shot ->
  • RIP, Pete Seeger (b. 1919). My three-year-old has had "If I Had a Hammer" on heavy rotation for months. ->
  • One more flower is gone. ->
  • Today's Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol. II track, working backward daily toward February 13, will be "Z Twig," the album's shortest. ->
  • Via LinkedIn email: "Congratulate [Person X] on the new job. [Person X] is now Composer/Performer/Bandleader at various." ->
  • New semester of my course on role of sound in the media landscape begins in 24 hours. Think I'll do more class-by-class blogging this time. ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II (for my @333books book) reverse-order daily track countdown: #17 (“Z Twig”) ->
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco: ->
  • Hoping no one joins this conference call until after the Beatles "I Will" hold music ends. ->
  • An IFTTT so when I add a word to my Swype keyboard dictionary in Android the word is then posted to my Twitter account. ->
  • Yowza. "48 Fela Kuti albums have been uploaded to Bandcamp": (via ->
  • "Afrobeat made me realize how great a cowbell player can be." That's the wise @durkkooistra on Fela (over at ->
  • Madlib releases more music than most people listen to. People who listen to Madlib listen to more than Madlib. What does Madlib listen to? ->
  • First sound class of the semester: an introduction to listening, everyday soundscapes, clairaudience, sonification. ->
  • Guy waking around with absolutely massive three-ring binder labeled Foundations of Commerce and Management. ->
  • Good day in sound class. Great students, mix of BA and MFA. Talked about Fringe credits + Kit Kat commercials. Did two listening exercises. ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II (@333books) reverse-order daily track countdown: #16 (“Grey Stripe”) ->
  • Today's Aphex SAW2 countdown ("Grey Strip," #16), 2 versions: original, reversed: ->
  • Proud of past week's @djunto: 36 ancient-city soundscapes draw attention to plight of jailed coder Bassel Khartabil: ->
  • The most telling thing about that "Academia Explained: Muppets" thing that's circulating is it leaves out adjuncts. ->
  • RT @compactrobot: why is there no Aphex Twin Unicode charatcer? ->
  • Working on trimming chapters of my Aphex Twin SAW2 book for reading events. Suddenly the idea of the "radio" edit makes sense. ->
  • Guy who wrote new 33 1/3 book on Dilla's Donuts (no offense to rest of my cohort, but that's the one I'm most excited about) is @333donuts. ->
  • For this week's @djunto project, we'll insert musical objects into an urban soundscape. ->
  • This week's @djunto inspired by the visual art of @wcraghead. ->
  • This week's Disquiet Junto project involves inserting musical objects into an urban soundscape: ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II (@333books) reverse-order daily track countdown: #15 (“Shiny Metal Rods”) ->
  • 33 1/3 announced a new call for books. Several records once contracted are now open: London Calling, Enter the Wu (36 Chambers), Biophilia. ->
  • Instructions for new round of 33 1/3 pitches here: This is the series my Aphex Twin SAW 2 book is in. ->
  • The day is young but I'm pretty sure nothing for me is gonna beat watching someone purchase a single donut with a credit card. ->
  • My memory of watching Space: 1999 upon its release was that its closest competitor was reruns of Star Trek. ->
  • Oh, cool. Batman Vs. Superman is really a sequel to The Social Network, not to Man of Steel. ->
  • Aside from watching Helix, the day is over. So, yes, nothing today beat witnessing someone purchase a single donut with a credit card. ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II (@333books) reverse-order daily track countdown: #14 (“Parallel Stripes”) ->
  • 3 consecutive tracks (“Blue Calx,”melody; “Parallel Stripes,”ambience; “Shiny Metal Rods,”minimalist beats) tell the SAW2 album's story. ->

By Marc Weidenbaum

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