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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • [email protected] Oh, and I just recalled: On page 47 of the SAW2 book there's a bit about the Sire Records corporate account at @RoughTrade. ->
  • My buddy Bob Levine will be on WQXR Opera Quiz today during 1st Madama Butterfly intermission, 2pm EST. ->
  • RIP, Anna Gordy Gaye (b. 1921), cofounder of Anna Records, songwriter, sister of Berry Gordy, wife of Marvin Gaye: ->
  • In my Aphex Twin countdown, I'm posting people's photos of copies of my @333books. Yesterday: @jpbartee @emarg0ed ->
  • Today will be day 13 of my 25-day Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Volume II countdown. Halfway through means … "Blue Calx"! ->
  • Nothing as personal as PR email addressed to "Marc2" with faux personalized opening and an emoticon. ->
  • I look forward to a movie as interesting as the serial drama of casting announcements. ->
  • Marveling at the light rain like a character in a Paolo Bacigalupi book. ->
  • There's a @goodreads entry for my Aphex Twin @333books book should you, you know, wanna add it to your reading list: ->
  • I'm including folks' Twitter/Instagram shots of my @333books Aphex Twin SAW2 book in my daily countdowns, so lemme know if you post one. ->
  • Y'day: Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II (@333books) reverse-order daily track countdown: #13 (“Blue Calx”) ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II (@333books) reverse-order daily track countdown: #12 (“White Blur 1”) ->
  • Been posting weekly looks back 15, 10, and 5 years to what I've written. Here's a 1999 interview with Steve Reich: ->
  • PSH film I most look forward to is Most Wanted Man, directed by Anton Corbijn, music by Herbert Grönemeyer (of Corbijn's The American). #RIP ->
  • Much of U2's new song, the Danger Mouse”“produced "Invisible," sounds more like a Brian Eno project than does some of their Eno stuff. ->
  • Next time I ride Caltrain I need to remember to have Chris Bacon's Source Code score on my iPod. ->
  • Someone on Caltrain (north, arriving in San Carlos at 5:28pm) has named their mobile modem "Larry Ellison's iPhone." ->
  • Because you never hear a train coming. #caltrain #soundstudies #signage ->
  • This photo makes me especially happy: Thanks, @npseaver. ->
  • RT @wcraghead: great piece from @disquiet in last week's Junto project based on my seed toss drawings and field recordings:”¦ ->
  • Tuesday noon siren in San Francisco: ->
  • Thing I learned today: the extended subsidiary clause is a significant challenge to the comprehensible spoken narrative. ->
  • RT @westyreflector: Riding the F-train with Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II by @disquiet ->
  • Tuesday noon siren rang out while we were filming a brief (er, well, maybe 20-minute) video for the 33 1/3 Aphex Twin book. ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II (@333books) reverse-order daily track countdown: #10 (“Tree”) ->
  • Thanks to @npseaver + @westyreflector for their photos of my Selected Ambient Works V2 book: ->
  • Image reportedly of Brian Eno + projected talk notes upon realizing he's running late: Info: ->
  • Today in sound class, a brief history of listening: celebrity death, oral culture, memory, synesthesia, sonification. ->
  • Reading my students' first sound journal entries. Some exemplary work in there, and just imagine where they'll be in 15 weeks. ->
  • ScopeCreap dot com is not yet registered. #justsayin ->
  • The sound of elevator floor bells one or two floors down. ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II (@333books) reverse-order daily track countdown: #9 (“Weathered Stone”) ->
  • Today's Selected Ambient Works V2 proof-of-book-life photo apparently features food from Burma Superstar ->
  • Not one student in my course has seen The Conversation before. I'm looking forward to next week. ->
  • Yes, tomorrow's @djunto project will be about that old cut up, William S. Burroughs. ->
  • RIP, William "Bunny Rugs" Clarke (b. 1948). As I recall, "1865 (96° in the Shade)" was one of the first reggae songs I ever heard. ->
  • If there were an Emmy for best use of photos in a recap it would go to Esther Inglis-Arkell of @io9 for this: #arrow ->
  • We skipped the Gordon Hempton documentary this semester. Thinking again about swapping in Diva and swapping out Playtime. ->
  • radio unshack RT @otolythe: unshackleton RT @everyword: unshackled in reply to otolythe ->
  • Sound of library study room's electricity turning off because my typing style isn't histrionic enough to confirm a human is in the room. ->
  • Sound of the person in adjacent library study room aggressively writing on a blackboard. ->
  • Palatino was ubiquitous. Now it isn't. The word isn't even in my phone's autocorrect. What happened to Palatino? ->
  • Irony of prepping for literary cut-up chaos: the anal-retentive orderliness of the step-by-step cut-up-process instructions. #wsb100 ->
  • Making cut-up music to celebrate William S. Burroughs' 100th birthday: Do join in. ->
  • 3 3 3 3 14 10 5 7 3 3 3 3 8 18 11 4 3 3 3 3 6 17 12 9 15 15 15 15 3 3 3 3 13 2 16 1 3 3 3 3 ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II (@333books) reverse-order daily track countdown: #8 (“Blur”) ->
  • I'm always late with holiday cards, but my Aphex Twin 33 1/3 book, due out the day before Valentine's Day, is certainly a love letter. ->
  • Reading at Powell's in Portland for my Aphex Twin book has been set for May. Details to follow. ->
  • I hope nothing important happens before the Sochi Olympics are over, because I've turned off my New York Times news alerts. ->
  • RT @dpnem: Listening to Aphex Twin. Thanks Obama. No, it’s really @disquiet’s fault. ->
  • Today lots of two-year-old San Franciscans get to learn about this "rain" stuff their parents have been talking about for the past year. ->
  • When I'm done with this project I am going for a walk even if it requires scuba gear. ->
  • By the way, I have a 3.5-year-old, not a 2-year-old, who knows about rain and can sense the existence of puddles around corners. #mutie ->
  • Harps, hushed voices, electronix. All I've listened to all day is the Brumes feed: When it ends I start all over. ->
  • Irony of songs of cutup new articles is if you don't know the language you don't get the chaos. Still, a good start: ->
  • I want to watch the Redshirts TV show. But I really just wanna read a book about the authority figures we only get glimpses of. ->
  • "It's around the second hour of listening that I come to recognize …" ->
  • My visual diet: Lotsa slow-reveal images of Aphex SAW2 cover (courtesy of @boondesign) + William S. Burroughs. ->
  • Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Vol II (@333books) reverse-order daily track countdown: #7 (“Curtains”) ->
  • Today's Aphex Twin SAW2 entry includes original track ("Curtains"), reversed, and appearance in a Chris Morris skit: ->

By Marc Weidenbaum

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  1. David Hughes
    [ Posted April 13, 2014, at 11:37 am ]

    Is there any possibility that a schedule exists for when Bob Levine does the QUIZ portion of your show on WQXR ? There is a fan following for Mr Levine and they seem confused as to when he will participate . Any assistance with this question is very much appreciated .

    Best ,

    David Hughes

    • Marc Weidenbaum
      [ Posted April 14, 2014, at 1:18 pm ]

      Hi, David. I checked in with Bob. He’s not currently scheduled to appear before the end of the season. There are just two more this season, and he’s not part of them. I’d suggest keeping an eye on his Twitter when the next season gets underway. He’s at

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