Annotations and supplements to my book on Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume II

cover-from-Bloomsbury-siteUpdated 2014.02.17: If you’re reading this web page, it’s likely because you read the very last sentence on the very last page of my book in the 33 1/3 series, Selected Ambient Works Volume II, about the 1994 album of that name by Aphex Twin. On that page I provided the URL disquiet.com/saw2for33third for future “Annotations and supplements to this book.” That URL will stand as a repository of the main secondary materials related to the book. Below are essential such posts. A full, list of posts that relate to the book can be accessed via this site’s #saw2for33third tag.

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Where to Get the Book: You could always order it through (or locate it at) your local bookstore, for example those (such as City Lights in San Francisco and Powell’s in Portland) that are graciously hosting me reading from it. The book is available to purchase at amazon.com (paperback and Kindle-digital), the Google Play store (digital), and bloomsbury.com (paperback, epub, PDF).

Social Reading: Also, there’s a goodreads.com page and a librarything.com page, and it’s at Google Books, which contains the full first chapter.

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Errata: And, yes, I know about the typo (a single letter, but an important one) on page 4. One good thing about having lots of friends who’ve published books is their experience. Said one in commiseration, when informed of this error, “That’s how you know it’s a real book.”

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The Essential Related Disquiet.com Posts:

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Index of full audio and brief analysis of all 25 songs on Selected Ambient Works Volume II

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This is the post in which I announced the book project after signing my contract with my publisher.

March 20 Talk/Concert at City Lights
Announcement of me reading in San Francisco, with help from musician friends

Q&A at the 33 1/3 Blog
I was interviewed by my publisher when the book was still being written.

Aphex Twin SAW2 Countdown: Track 25 (“Matchsticks”)
The first in a daily series of track analysis, leading up to the February 13, 2014, release of the book. When the full 25 are done I’ll do a post linking to all of them.

Cornish for Jungle
Full transcript of my mid-1990s interview with Aphex Twin’s fellow Cornwall native Luke Vibert (aka Wagon Christ, aka Plug)

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