Reworking “Radiophonic Satie”

A remix by L-A-J

Larry Johnson has again done me the honor of reworking something I posted, in this case my ukulele-modular piece “Radiophonic Satie,” which he has extended into a stretched ambience of unearthly qualities. He calls it a “Halo Remix,” a choice that I interpret to mean he’s taken my project description at its word and made good on my intent. The note accompany my original piece explains how the ukulele is being treated by the modular synthesis in a manner intended to “introduce a varying, random range of sonic responses to — halos around, reflections of — the inbound signal.” Here’s what Johnson made of it. I found it quite lovely, at several times the length of the original, and marvel at how despite the aggressive attenuation key moments, such as the sonic lens flare at 2:34, are still recognizable:

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One thought on “Reworking “Radiophonic Satie”

  1. Many thanks for the mention, Marc. Paul’s Extreme Stretch can produce some surprisingly unexpected and (in your words) “unearthly” ambiance. I actually tried to tone down some of those sonic “flares” but didn’t succeed – glad I didn’t. I did something similar to five-second sample of one Kenneth Kirschner’s early pieces (1988) – used Paul Stretch to create several layers of sounds. If interested, here’s the link: .

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