Why There’s a @djunto Twitter Account

To encourage communication among participants

I don’t generally post from my @djunto Twitter account. I post from my @disquiet account. I will respond to messages sent to @djunto, but even then I try to redirect the response account so it comes from @disquiet. My general plan for @djunto is as follows: the way Twitter works is that any two people who follow the same account, in this case @djunto, will see any communication either one makes to @djunto. That’s an encouragement for people who participate in the Disquiet Junto to pay attention to each others’ posts, and to discover each other. Ultimately, a core component of the Disquiet Junto is communication among participants, and the @djunto account is one leg of that table, along with the request that members comment on each others’ tracks, perhaps check out the Faceboook page (facebook.com/disquiet.fb), and that they participate in the join in the discussion that occurs on Disquiet.com posts and in the disquiet.com/forums threads.

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