Request for Modular/Eurorack Ideas

Upgrades ahead, input appreciated

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If you’re digging into modular synthesis, your input would be appreciated. Above is a snapshot of my current Eurorack synth, via Next up on my list of likely acquisitions are:

  • ADSR

  • sample/hold (w/ random/noise)

  • VCA

  • another looper

  • outs.

If you have feedback or thoughts, that’d be great. I posted this on Instagram because that seems to be a place where I’m in touch with a lot of people who are into modular synthesizers.

And though that’s a ModularGrid page pictured here, I own all that stuff in real/physical life, though the two in the upper left (Radio Thing and Soundmachines capacitive strip) are in the mail.

And these are the pieces:

  • Circuit Abbey Gozinta Input & Amplification

  • Critter and Guitari IIO Speaker

  • Doepfer A-119 Ext.Input/Env.Follower

  • Doepfer A-136 Distortion / Waveshaper

  • Doepfer A-138b Mixer (Logarithmic)

  • Doepfer A-145 Low Frequency Oscillator

  • Doepfer A-180-1 Multiple I

  • Make Noise phonogene Sampling

  • Pittsburgh Modular Oscillator Sawtooth-core Utility VCO

  • Soundmachines LS1lightstrip capacitive technology slider

  • Synthrotek EKO Voltage Controlled Echo

  • The Harvestman Polivoks VCF

  • Thonk Music Thing Radio Music (Sample Player)

  • Tiptop Audio Z2040 LP-VCF

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