Guitar + Echo

Another entry in Taylor Deupree's sound diary

Another track in Taylor Deupree’s ongoing, endlessly satisfying journal of his musical activities. It’s a short piece, just under two minutes, all guitar and echo. In his liner note to the piece he talks about the technology behind it. The specifics are at the link for those with the interest and vocabulary. His detail in his notes is not gearhead talk. It’s an expression of his thinking, his compositional approach through technology. Here all that consideration surfaces with an electric guitar set on an echo you can almost see, so hard in its reverberance that it brings to mind not so much ripples in water as it does dominoes falling in slow motion.

Track originally posted at There’s also an ongoing playlist of Deupree’s 2015 Studio Diary, currently at 46 tracks, or almost two and a half hours of music. More from Deupree, who lives in Pound Ridge, New York, at

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