At Play in Ladywell Fields

Mola (Chase Lynn) and VenusSmiles (Andrew Tuersley) in free improvisation


Playpark is Mola (Chase Lynn) and VenusSmiles (Andrew Tuersley) making music from the everyday devices of a public park, Ladywell Fields in Lewisham, London — clanging on pipes, pushing wooden sculptures, knocking about on suspended logs. It’s a joyously abstract enterprise. This is the practically named “Piece for Three Water Pumps,” in which off-kilter percussion emerges amid passing birdsong and wind.

And here is video of the improvisation in process. Timecodes: “Whistlers” (0:09), “Keys on Bar” (2:46), “Bridge” (4:47), “Piece for Three Water Pumps” (7:20).

Track originally posted for free download at Video originally posted at

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