Goodbye, from Norah Lorway

And hello to a new track from a forthcoming album

Norah Lorway’s “Collider” takes its name from the music platform on which it was produced, SuperCollider. A general audience to the track — to the extent that 10 minutes of rousing granular noise has a potential general audience, outside employment as sound design in a refined television thriller — would probably take its name to have a more specific meaning: the manner in which the audio has the affect of an experience just after some sort of major event. It has all the traumatic haze, the heady disorientation, of coming out of an unfamiliar state. It has the splendidly clammy echoes of minimal techno, that dark-corridor aesthetic, minus the thumping beat. I like chamber music. I love dark-corridor music.

Lorway reports it’s a taste of a forthcoming full-length album, named Farvel — the title, like that of another Lorway piece mentioned here recently, “GÃ¥ Væk,” is Danish. In this case it means “goodbye.”

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  1. If you enjoy this, recommend her album “I’ve had dreams like this” which is some really unique, haunted (as in ghosts) ambient I’ve heard.

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