When Microsound Isn’t Too Micro

A mini master class from Taylor Deupree

Gorgeous fragment from Taylor Deupree’s ongoing 2015 Studio Diary. Little tones, apparently from an electric piano, refract and poke and flitter at semi-regular intervals, all through a sweet veil of echoing ambience. This piece is quiet, expressly so. It isn’t deep, granular microsound quiet, in which the quiet gets loud, like how electron microscopy exposes a busy, itchy world unto itself. It’s simply “closely mic’d” quiet, in which the action of the piano, and other elements — both tactile ones and artifacts of the production process — almost become as prominent as the playing itself, in fact become part of the playing, since for Deupree the studio is his instrument as much, if not more, than the pianos, synthesizers, and effects boxes that the studio happens to house.

Track originally posted to soundcloud.com/12k. More from Deupree at taylordeupree.com

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