Nothing Is Ever Fully in the Foreground

A new album from Glia

The new release o, w from the artist Glia is nine tracks of varied gentle noises that often tweak into something less than gentle. These include the industrial drone of its opening track, “vaximily,” the dewdrop clinked-glass percussion of “micrudrift,” and the broken, whizzy funk of “lz l0” and “radlers.” The album closes on perhaps its strongest moment: the rattly, twitchy “ziego.” It makes transitions not unlike the other tracks, growing in intensity and threat as it goes. What makes “ziego” tick is how nothing is ever fully in the foreground — from the tiny clicks and cuts that keep it moving, to the horizon-spanning drone that lingers in the distance.

The full album was posted to the Svel Tapes label at

More from Glia, who’s based in France, at

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