Serbian Beats

Jazz breaks over a loping beat, straight outta Paraćin

Perhaps the simple fact of broken jazz samples repeated gently over a loping beat will, someday, lose its charm. But for the time being, the charm remains as powerful as ever. What DJ Krush, and DJ Cam, and DJ Premiere, among others, have provided as a means of lounge-oriented introspection remains a powerful sedative. There’s something about hearing analog-derived materials set on mechanical repeat that is inherently enticing. The repetition draws out their fragile, intricate, unique surface features and turns them into purposeful metric tools. Here, in the track “Collage,” it’s little more than a trap set and an electric piano filtered by the Serbian producer who goes by Ogi Feel the Beat.

Track originally posted at More from Ogi, who’s based in Paraćin, Serbia, at

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