“White Noise Beat”

And two reworkings


I’ve wanted to get a white-noise module for awhile, and finally added one to my setup. This module has 7 different noise sources, including white, red, grey, and blue. Each is being triggered by a different sequence. They’re all in sync, though one is slightly delayed, which lends a tiny bit of character to the cadence, I think. The only reason I skipped pink is because I don’t have any pink cables right now, and the color-coded cables helped me keep track of things.

You can blame this on someone who’s listened to too many Chain Reaction releases, too much Consolidated, and too many scores to Michael Mann films.

Slightly more technical information: The sequences are all in CV Toolkit (a piece of software running on my laptop), and they’re getting to my modular synthesizer via an Expert Sleepers ES-3 module. The noise-source module is the Quantum Rainbow 2. The white, red, and grey sources are all receiving sequences directly from the software. The blue source is getting a slight trigger delay (and a slightly extended length to the trigger), thanks to the Doepfer A-162. The whole thing is being mixed in an ADDAC 802 VCA Quintet, and out through a Pittsburgh Outs, through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4. It was recorded in Audacity.

Then Rupert Lally ran with it, writing:

Marc (disquiet)referenced Micheal Mann’s films in his track description, so I decided to “take that ball and run with it”, overdubbing more synths, percussion, and electric lap steel on top of his original track.

And, in turn, Yellow Salamd’r took a go, writing:

I heard Marc’s track … and thought “Nice! I like whitenoise, I should mix that into something”, then I hear Rupert’s remix, and I think “Wow, it’s been done, and damn nice too!”, but I couldn’t “not” mess with it somehow, so here is my remix of the remix :),,,, I took Rupert’s mix, reversed it and slowed it down, and then I kept cycling Marc’s slowed down track overtop of Rupert’s mix.

Original posted at soundcloud.com/disquiet. Lally’s “White Noise Industry” at soundcloud.com/rupertlally. Slamand’r’s at soundcloud.com/user-440651706.

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