The Industrial Drone

A live recording of Offret (John Spell and Matthew Swiezynski)

Offret is the duo John Spell and Matthew Swiezynski, and “Ester et Iselin” is their nearly 13 minutes of reckoning with mechanical drones. It’s a track of deep tonal loveliness that masks an underlying industrial intent. Beneath the hovering warmth of a dark, low-register moan is an extensive array of factory noise: machine tools, overworked engines, metal shards, acetylene torches. Of course, none of that is actual source audio, necessarily, just associative comparisons of the sounds. The track is a live recording, posted by the Invisible Birds label, made on September 16, 2015.

Track originally posted at More from Spell, Swiezynsky, and Invisible Birds at Track found thanks to a repost by

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