Michiru Aoyama’s Glorious Haze

An ocean-themed piece from Kamakura, Japan

Michiru Aoyama’s glorious new track (Google Translate is failing thus far on this one’s title) is a sweeping, four-minute expanse of sonic cloud formations that turn round and round inside themselves. Glimmers surface and then become the foregrounded sound, only for another theme to pierce the veil and, at a slow pace, subsume everything that had preceded it. The piece isn’t grounded so much as tied to ocean imagery, for amid the haze is the sort of creaking that comes from a taut rope on a boat.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/michiru-aoyama. More from Aoyama, who is based in Kamakura, Japan, at michiruaoyama.jimdo.com and michiruaoyama.bandcamp.com.

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