A Drum Corps Made of Fireworks and Typewriters

A New Year's improvisation from Columbus, Ohio's Giant Claw

Giant Claw’s recently posted “Jan 6 2016 Improvisation”is a feast of martial counterpoint, of clashing, short-lived bursts of sound, some orchestral, the majority terse and hard. It’s like a drum corps that’s made of fireworks and typewriters, with occasional, echoing calls to arms that fade into the noise. There are passing, doppler sirens, too, adding to the militant flavor. It should, by all rights, fall apart from the sheer breadth of its disparate elements, but it holds together, the clanks and bangs and dramatic pauses keeping the ear alert throughout.

More from Giant Claw, aka Keith Rankin, who’s based in Columbus, Ohio, at giantclaw.bandcamp.com, twitter.com/KeithKawaii, and keithkawaii.com. Rankin co-owns the label Orange Milk Records (orangemilkrecords.com). Found via a repost from the account soundcloud.com/ears-have-ears.

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