Encym’s Night Moves

Layers in pursuit of periodicity

The constantly churning vortex of “wider_Sens” by London-based encym is a disrupted field in circuitous search of stasis, foundation, norm, or some other semblance of periodicity. At nearly eight minutes in length, the track flanges through cycles of metallic noises, all rubbery sonics, scattered beats, and dubbed out effects. The sense of echo is purely digital, purely affect, removed from any sense of decay or decline, just a perfect echo of a perfect echo of a perfect echo, arpeggiations of tone that layer atop one another, in turn creating further layers of rapid-fire, deadpan background music for all manner of nocturnal shenanigans. Splendid stuff.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/encym-soundtracks. More from encym at twitter.com/encym_, soundcloud.com/encym, and encym.bandcamp.com.

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