45 Seconds of Granular Acoustic Bliss

An exercise by Berlin-based Auxels

In the note that accompanies the brief sketch “4500/090:Teal Velvet,” the musician who goes by Auxels wonders briefly if the approach is “possibly now tired.” Let’s hope it isn’t, because in Auxels’ hands this approach — a combination of acoustic guitar picking and granular synthesis — is a sedately paced exploration of melody, texture, and the pattenrs that exist within both. It’s the 90th entry in a daily exercise Auxels has been up to, producing a new 45-second piece each day. The diary entry reads: “the past week or so, I’ve been focusing on practicing with the block party rig, and trying to get more adept at the kinds of pieces I can put together by dubbing multiple mixing performances as takes. it slowly feels like things are coming together with it, though the timing and latency still leaves rather a lot to be desired.” Follow along at soundcloud.com/auxels.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/auxels. More from Auxels, who is based in Berlin, at twitter.com/auxels and auxels.bandcamp.com.

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