45 More Seconds of Auxels

The 91st track of a daily music-making project

If yesterday‘s bit of Auxels’ music was a modest excursion into acoustic guitar and granular processing, the next is thundering texture. Presumably this is all guitar again. The massive tone suggests a thick, lower-register string on a guitar rumbling up close. On headphones, it feels like it’s been blown up large as a house and is vibrating nearby in the dark. That maximalist presence is balanced by a more trembling, treble-y sound, and the whole thing is ensconced in a dark, deep ambience. This track represents the 91st in a 100-day, ongoing project by Berlin-based Auxels to record a different 45-second track daily. Follow along at soundcloud.com/auxels.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/auxels. More from Auxels at twitter.com/auxels and auxels.bandcamp.com.

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