Space Remains the Place

One in a series of explorations by Vienna-based Ahornberg, aka Birgit Jauernig

Birgit Jauernig’s track “NGC 604” has a magnificent glimpse of a massive star system for its accompanying image. The title, like the image, relates to “a vast nebula,” as the website of the Hubble space telescope refers to it. NGC 604 lies some 2.7 million light years from our little blue marble. The audio track is the latest in an ongoing series by Jauernig, who goes by Ahornberg on SoundCloud, that take inspiration for celestial bodies. The association is an exploration of space music, which here means a series of slow, undulating swells that move from vast cetacean droning to rich, impossibly detailed chime-like shimmers.

Track originally posted at More from Jauernig, who is based in Vienna, Austria, and is part of the Rumourtone Ambient Collective, at

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