Clint Mansell Says, “Shhhhh!”

What appears to be the score from Mute

Just three days ago, soundtrack composer Clint Mansell posted these 17 tracks under the collective title Shhhhh!, combined with a “Shushing Face” emoji, to his SoundCloud account. A commenter on the opening track, “Don’t Say a Word,” asks if it’s the score to Ghost in the Shell. However, a quick check of the titles seems to confirm what the collection’s title, in retrospect, suggests — that this is the music from Mute, the film by Dunan Jones that debuted on Netflix earlier this year. There’s a snippet of what is said to be the Mute end-credits score on YouTube from back in February, and it is identical to the “I Would Drive All Night(Slight Reprise)” track here (the final one, number 17). Another clue: the penultimate track includes the name “Leo,” the Mute lead character, played by Alexander Skarsgard (except in flashbacks to him as a young boy). The set was originally posted at He announced it, coyly, on Twitter, and though someone there guessed it as the Mute score, Mansell hasn’t replied as of this writing.

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