Malka Older / Junto Team-Up

A gronkytonk sequel with the author of Infomocracy

I’m very excited to announce that the upcoming 400th consecutive weekly project in the Disquiet Junto music community will be a collaboration with Malka Older, author of the excellent science-fiction trilogy the Centenal Cycle, and who’s now working on Orphan Black: The Next Chapter at Serial Box, for whom she previously created Ninth Step Station. The Junto members will be doing something along the lines of what we did with another novelist, Richard Kadrey (Sandman Slim, The Grand Dark), for the 200th Junto project, back in October 2015. It’s going to be great.

The Junto community did a project based on Older’s novel Infomocracy, the first book in the Centenal Cycle, back in December 2017, for the 302nd consecutive Junto. In that project, Junto members tried to imagine what a genre of music might sound like. The genre, “gronkytonk,” was mentioned in passing in Infomocracy. The author graciously thanked the Junto in the third and final Centenal book, State Tectonics, which came out in 2018.

The Disquiet Junto is a group in which musicians respond to weekly, fast-turnaround assignments to compose, record, and share new music. The idea is to use constraints as a springboard for creativity. It has run weekly since January 2012. Project announcements are emailed each Thursday via

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