Japanese Eavesdropping

The vérité semblance of Corruption

Now with over 850 tracks, the vibrant, curious SoundCloud account of Japan-based sound explorer Corruption continues to be a mix of seemingly incongruous material — dubby noise, synthy soundtracks, broken electronica — that, with considered listening, reveals a unifying lo-fidelity lens. There’s an eavesdropping aura to the work. For example, due to the rawness of the recordings it can feel like we’re not so much listening to music as we’re listening in as Corruption makes the music. This vérité semblance was exemplified by a Corruption piece I focused on last year (“170620_004lewe”) that combined a variety of elements for an overall voyeuristic outcome. One of the final pieces Corruption posted in 2019 is a simple field recording, not even a minute and a half in length, “nenmatu-no-yuuu2.” There is conversation and street noise and the sound of the microphone itself being subject to some sort of pressure, footsteps lending a metronomic beat. And that’s all there is. Field recordings are, presumably, the most self-evident of sonic documents, and yet, as Corruption persists in showing, they can conversely reveal and revel in texture and abstraction.

Track originally posted to soundcloud.com/corrption.

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