This Abiding Flow

A study in contrasts from Suss Müsik

“Dovum” by Suss Müsik is a study in contrasts: static against hum, broken melody against stately backdrop, gentle swells against fractured pulse, and overall a digital purity of sound that is employed to present materials whose cumulative chaos strives to approach that of the natural, analog, flesh-and-blood world. This balance of varied powers occurs over the course of 10-plus minutes, throughout which a sense of development, drama, and change are self-evident, but with none of the section markers that classical or pop music would employ. There is no brief chapter-break silence, no shift in key. There is, instead, simply this abiding flow. Only at the end does “Dovum” alter its pace, settling in for an extended denouement that presents its own, final contrast: it is at once quiet, peaceful to situate oneself amid — and yet in its attenuated quieting it makes the ear strain for every last, fading, fraying nuance.

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