Hallmarks of Space Music

A track by Léo Pensette, who goes by #T.one

Like some sort of interstellar cowboy music, the track “;) collection of inadaptable flint” (the title also includes an emoji or emoji-like image of what appears* to be a cat with a red headband riding a dinosaur), merges flanged-out vapor trails that fill your speaker spectrum and closely mic’d instrumentation that plucks out a slow, reflective melody. The recording is at once sprawling and intimate, broad as the sky, and yet also close as your shoulders gathered tight in front of a campfire. Throughout there are rattly, earthy sounds, and (again, a stark and somehow welcoming contrast) the sort of whispy weirdnesses that are hallmarks of space music intended for headphones only. The recording is by Léo Pensette, who goes by #T.one.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/dark_tone.

*And, yes, I did look it up and learned all about ninja cats and dino cats. Because, as the saying goes, internet.

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