Buddha Machine Variations No. 6

Video via my YouTube channel, youtube.com/disquiet

Two Buddha Machines, both from the first generation, playing different loops through the modular synthesizer. Each of the pair of loops is running through a different preset on the ER-301 module (that’s the large module with the dual screens in the lower left). The green Buddha Machine’s output is affected by a ladder filter, and the blue one by a grain delay. Aspects of both presets are being, in turn, modulated by slow-ish and flat-ish waves emanating from the Batumi and tempered by the SPO (note the four, short orange cables toward the upper left). Hence the sense that the filter is changing on one, as is the speed, subtly, of the other. The output of the green Buddha Machine (via the processing) is going straight into the mixer. The output of the blue one (also after having been processed) is having its spectrum sliced up (via the FDXf), with two bands (and those two bands alone) going separately to the mixer, their volumes adjusted further before being output. If you keep your eye on the equalizer-looking vertical bands in the ER-301’s larger screen, you’ll see the volume of the two Buddha Machine inputs on the left going up and down, and the LFOs from the Batumi (via the SPO) doing the same on the far right. Keeping an eye on those four signals will help the ear correlate shifts within the audio.

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