Buddha Machines on (Turntable) Loop

An experiment by Darren Shaw of Rochdale, U.K

If you meet the Buddha on the road, put on a pair of headphones. That’s the best way to experience the three-dimensional quality of this inspired experiment by musician Darren Shaw. He put two different Buddha Machines on a turntable platter (one from the first generation, the other from the second). An audio recorder (“with the stereo mics on their wide setting,” Shaw explains in accompany project description) captures the sounds in motion, the turntable’s lid providing “a bit of reverb.” In other words, inspired by the loop-based nature of the original device, Shaw has literalized the looping by sending a pair of them in circles, letting the relative volumes, among other factors, cycle round and round. The best part: this is listed as “Piece 1,” meaning variations are likely to follow. (It was also a pleasure to learn this recording was inspired, in part, by my little Buddha Machine experiments of late.)

Video originally posted to Shaw’s YouTube channel. More from Shaw, who is based in Rochdale, U.K., at anexium.com.

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