Buddha Machine Variations No. 13 (USB-C Blues)

Video via my YouTube channel, youtube.com/disquiet

A simple set of shifting gates are applied here to four different bands of the Buddha Machine loop, which first goes through a granular synthesis stage in the Smog module (aka a remixed Clouds) before being segmented in the Make Noise FXDf. The gates are sourced from the slow-moving Batumi square wave, and then shifted in the O_c module (running the Hemispheres alternate firmware).

This is titled “USB-C Blues” because I’d planned an especially quiet/subtle variation on the Buddha Machine source-audio processing precisely because I thought I’d sorted out how to record from my modular synthesizer to my Android phone (which is what I’ve been filming these clips with) using a USB-C adapter. This approach worked from the Buddha Machine straight into the phone (via the adapter), but for reasons I failed to sort out, no matter the combination of jacks and cables and routing options, no other audio managed to be recorded. So, this video is, again, going audio straight to the phone’s regular old microphone array (a sub-optimal arrangement if ever there were one). In any case, I ordered a GoPro and will be using that (or so I hope, as it also involves a USB-C adapter, albeit one designed for the task, not from a third party) in a few weeks.

Video originally posted at youtube.com/disquiet. There’s also a video playlist of the Buddha Machine Variations.

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