Fuzzy Sigil

An ongoing series cross-posted from instagram.com/dsqt

While not quite the Fibonacci sequence, these 10 buttons at the entrance to an apartment building do make the visitor wonder what’s next. In fact, you’re left wondering before the sequence is even over. There are 8 buttons, numbered as such, and then what can be deciphered as “basement” (“BAST”? Why not “BSMT”?) and then … then it gets odd. There are twin rows of information to go by: the legible digits scrawled on the gate surface with a magic marker, and the almost-rubbed-off ones on the buttons themselves (apartment 6 seems to have been quite popular, judging by the wear; 4 not so much). Which leaves the fuzzy sigil on the 10th button noticeably uncertain. It looks like a 9, but why does it come after the basement and not before? What logic explains this ordering? And come to think of it, prior to “BAST” having been written above the basement button, what exactly was inked on the button itself? Gotta love a good mystery, especially a makeshift one.

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