A Place, a Space

Blogging during a pandemic

Apropos nothing in particular except that it’s Sunday and I’m writing up some recent favorite listens to post at disquiet.com, and I wanted to mention how my website/blog is one of the key things keeping me sane during this pandemic (others: family time, exercise, guitar and synth learning, offline journal, long-term writing projects). Having a place to write a bit, to reflect on things, to share in a not-engineered-toward-feedback and yet open-to-reply space is a good space to have. Metaphorically, it’s more like keeping the garage door open while fiddling at the workbench than like, say, hanging in a public park. I’ve managed, for the first time in the blog’s (nearly) 24 years of existence, to write at least once every day this year, sometimes a short thing, sometimes something more substantial. In addition, more than ever, I’ve found myself just pulling up the website in a browser tab in the middle of the day to take look, as one might open a window to the backyard or pick up a family photo. Flip back a few days, see what’s been on my mind, sometimes to plot what to write next, but mostly just to spent time in a place where I enjoy spending time.

The above was something I initially, earlier this afternoon, mentioned in a thread about blogging at llllllll.co (aka Lines), the main public online community where I hang out. Then I figured I’d note the thoughts here, too.

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