Forest Synth

And where do the bugs end?

Me, I’m too nervous with what little gear I have to take it out of the house, let along to lug it into the forest. Then again, I’m a city mouse, and camping isn’t my thing. In this gorgeous footage, shot in Japan, a modular synthesizer takes root among trees, dappled by the light as filtered through leaves. Part of the beauty of it is not knowing where the synthesis ends and the songs of birds and insects begin. The source YouTube account, named Wac- Lounge, has only been up since May of this year, yet has already racked up over two dozen modular-synth videos worth checking out, some indoors, some out.

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One thought on “Forest Synth

  1. I like to think
    (right now, please!)
    of a cybernetic forest
    filled with pines and electronics
    where deer stroll peacefully
    past computers
    as if they were flowers
    with spinning blossoms.

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