Covid-Era Corruption

A pause (or not) in Japan

A lot of people are taking a break, creative and otherwise, willfully or not, during the extended dysfunction that is the pandemic. I’ve been checking in on the SoundCloud account of the expansively prolific and casually mysterious Corruption, the Japan-based purveyor of fragmented field recordings and soulful interludes. The most recent track, the account’s 978th, is in the latter camp, and dates back a full four months, as does a slew of other material. After which: nothing, a gap, a void. On purpose or not, that (for now) final SoundCloud track’s title carries a foreboding weight: “fail.” What it sounds like is a pair of tracks at once, a counterbalance of two keyboard lines, one spaced-out and foundational, the other exploratory, preliminary. Fortunately, a release a week or so ago on Bandcamp shows that Corruption is still at it, though the shared material appears to be archival, from back in 2016.

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