Grace Notes

From last week

Some tweet observations I made over the course of the past week:

▰ “Host is not in the meeting yet”

▰ I frequently have the Monterey Bay Aquarium jellyfish live YouTube stream running at quarter speed on a spare screen (an old tablet) at my desk, and I recently noticed that if you click on the options menu, it reads “Captions – unavailable.” And I thought, but what if they were.

▰ Wonderful reminiscence by Eugene Holley, Jr., on the late Stanley Crouch, acknowledging his pugilism but focused warmly on the way Crouch “was supportive of young writers beginning their voyage into the literary dimensions of jazz”:

▰ There will be a season 3 of Trapped! Burning question: will there be new music cues, or will the production reuse the preexisting material?

▰ AQI 0 (as in zero), and the fog horns are rejoicing.

▰ A beautiful Fantastic Voyage piece on Hilobrow by Matthew Daniel, for whom as a child the idea that “agents use shrinking technology to enter the body of a colleague and attempt to remedy the damage a clot in his brain has caused” was deeply personal:

▰ I learned a lot from Stanley Crouch. He was also an early version of what I learned to call a hate read (cf., some of those Wynton Marsalis LP notes). RIP, deep thinker whose love of jazz was unquestionable (if at times a culture warrior in a less constructive sense of the term).

▰ Fog horns in full effect. Outdoor temperature at 61° and rising. Semi-hyper-local microclimate AQI at 48. I could get used to this, though I know better not to (Sunday forecast is looking ugly).

▰ Breaking news: it is possible currently to have the windows open.

▰ I believe I’m listening to the Tenet score backwards, if that’s what is meant here by “inverted”:

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