Grace Notes

From last week

Some tweet observations ( I made over the course of the past week, lightly edited:

▰ “I am debating in a room different from the one you are in now.” The Commission on Presidential Debates has announced Alvin Lucier as the next moderator. This helpfully charts a course to unintelligibility that will be a relief for all in attendance.

▰ Was dipping a toe into the fetid conspiracy swamp of earpiece b.s., but it appears the freak show has moved on to contact-lens b.s. Enjoy the ride, HUD scholars. (That’s heads-up display, not Housing and Urban Development, but given our strange times, who knows what lies ahead?)

▰ Got my Underworld Drift box, the three-CD Matmos set, Sarah Davachi’s two-CD latest, and Thomas Dimuzio’s three-CD live set. Multi-hour releases seem to, for me at least, challenge the non-corporeality of (“mere”) single-album releases, justifying their physical presence on my shelf and their claim for my attention.

▰ “You’re the first one here”

▰ Yes, I am up for a movie about a drummer who goes deaf. And all the more so when it’s Riz Ahmed behind the kit: Sound of Metal is due out later this year (first in theaters, then on Amazon Prime).

▰ One thing I’ve come to realize lately is there’s nothing I can think of that tastes good with cinnamon that doesn’t even better with cayenne in addition: cereal, hot chocolate, ice cream, etc.

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