Music for Reading (and Writing)

Horror, that is

If the clattering noises and blood-in-the-ear drones, not to mention the backwards monster voices and plagues-sweep-the-land synth washes, make this intensely quiet music an altogether uncomfortable listen, it’s all on purpose. Finland-based musician Juha-Matti Rautiainen set out, when recording the four tracks that comprise Dark, “to create as scary soundscapes as possible.” He recommends the music as accompaniment when reading the work of “psychological horror” novelist Marko Hautala. The album grew out of a conversation the two of them had, leading Rautiainen to compose music to which Hautala might write, and to which his readers, in turn, might read.

Album originally posted the night before Halloween at More from Rautiainen at, and check out Hautala’s writing at

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