Hilary Robinson’s Sonic Advent Calendar

Continuing through the Winter Solstice

London-based composer Hilary Robinson has been unpacking what she describes as “a sonic advent calendar for 2020.” The playlist, titled Sounds for Shrinking Days, is growing a piece at a time, “intended to conclude with the Winter Solstice.” There are 11 tracks thus far, beginning with a slow, purposeful piano piece, one in which the lingering tones seem as important as the carefully impacted notes. The most recent, the 11th in the series, appears to employ a delay that echoes a spritely, genteel piano part, as if ghostly hands were all playing a single piano at the same time. In between are other experiments, including a vocal part that is equally reverberant and celestial (entry 6), and what appears to be a field recording of rain (entry 10). The solstice occurs on December 21, meaning there are 10 days remaining of musical miniatures. “These are short tracks,” writes Robinson, “mostly improvised, all original and created to amuse me in these darkening days.”

The playlist is at soundcloud.com/hilaryrobinson. More at from Robinson at about.me/hilaryrobinson, hilaryrobinson.bandcamp.com, and twitter.com/hvrlon.

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