Ambient Gets More Trombones

Thanks to Benjamin Louis Brody

This brooding, speedily hypnotic track combines two trombones, played by Alaina Alster and Max Sholl, with synths performed by the piece’s composer, Benjamin Louis Brody. The title, “Oscillations,” is spot on for the heavily vibrating opening, a volatile drone that slowly recedes (though only partially) as more immediately recognizable horn playing begins to surface. The track was released back in mid-2018, but I first learned of it only last night when Brody replied to a tweet I had made about how “Ambient music needs more trombones.” This is further proof of the truth of that statement.

Track originally posted at More from Brody (raised in New Jersey, based in Brooklyn, New York) at

One thought on “Ambient Gets More Trombones

  1. very nice and thank you for sharing. this (and yesterday’s video) is probably the current segment of an uninterrupted line of horn (horny?) drones, which somehow transited through Anthony Braxton’s ‘For Alto’ and Greg Kelley’s ‘if i never meet you in this life, let me feel the lack’ and keeps moving forward to who knows what further delights. the trombone obviously does take it up a notch or two. i dreamily wonder about what could be achieved with an alphorn!

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