“010221B” at the Start of the Year

A track from Richmond, Virginia-based Sinamsis

Sinamsis will do things to your speakers, and then your ears, and then your room, and then quite likely your mind, or perhaps your mind first of all. That is, Sinamsis’ track “010221B” will do this. Thick waves take the stereo spectrum and warp it to their own intensions, molasses-heavy sounds moving at a pace seemingly in contrast with their considerable heft. They warble and waver, dance and drone. And then do so much more, most notably taking an extended sojourn into impulse-response sound design. Presumably from the title, this was recorded on January 2 of this still very new year. Here’s to future such digits. (And for what it’s worth, I recommend going with year/month/day, as it benefits sorting, but that’s just me.)

More from Sinamsis at YouTube. Sinamsis is Dimitrios Sismanis of Richmond, Virginia.

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