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A subset of virtual crate digging

Sundays I usually do a roundup of music I’ve been listening to a lot but haven’t gotten around to writing about. It’s often the case that the music I’ve listened to the most ends up not being the subject of my posts here because it becomes so ubiquitous in my life through repetition that it, conversely, becomes invisible. In that spirit, I want today just to link to a few Instagram accounts that regularly appeal. If hanging out on YouTube can have the sense of discovery of crate digging, then the brevity of Instagram videos (all under a minute, unless you click through to Instagram TV, aka IGTV, which I rarely do) is more like flipping through stacks of singles.

Aaron Larget-Caplan ( is a masterful guitarist, responsible for having produced the first official edition of guitar transcriptions of John Cage compositions. He also has, among other things, a focus on lullabies, and he’s commissioned a wide variety of them.

The artist Zimoun ( is a spirited, ingenious, crafty producer of kinetic sculptures that generally employ inexpensive materials in sizable amounts to achieve the sort of patterning and complexity generally associated with living things. While sound isn’t always the focus of these works, it is always a component.

Scanner Darkly ( writes remarkable code that powers a range of fascinating synthesizer modules, and this account always has tidbits of works in progress.

Ambalek ( makes beautiful ambient and ambient-leaning music that combines atmospheric impressionism with the refinement of classic minimalism.

The Soul Science (, true to the name, brings a soulful spirit to exploratory, often noisy synthesizer work.

Those are just a few. Others I follow are viewable at

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