Disquietude Podcast Episode 0005

Ambient music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper plus an interview with Flanigan, commentary, and a short essay about reading waveforms

This is the fifth episode of the Disquietude podcast of ambient electronic music.

The goal of the Disquietude podcast is to collect adventurous work in the field of ambient electronic music. What follows is all music that captured my imagination, and I hope that it appeals to your imagination as well.

All five tracks of music are featured with the permission of the individual artists or record labels. Below is the structure of the episode with time codes for the tracks, the spoken annotation of the tracks, an interviews with one of the musicians (Lesley Flanigan), and a brief essay about reading waveforms.

02:15 Lesley Flanigan’s “Headphone Space”

08:09 Dave Seidel’s “For LMY and MZ”

15:51 KMRU’s “Figures Emerge”

23:34 Celia Hollander’s “5:59 PM”

26:55 John Hooper’s “Underwater Stream”

29:20 Annotation Begins

32:39 Lesley Flanigan Interview

39:53 “Reading Waveforms”

42:00 Credits

42:59 Closing Music

43:26 End

Thanks for listening.

Produced and hosted by Marc Weidenbaum. Disquietude theme music by Jimmy Kipple, with vocal by Paula Daunt. Logo by Boon Design.

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