Seefeel x Autechre

A 2021 reissue of a 2003 release of a 1994 remix of a 1994 track

Update: When I first posted this, I misstated the release date of the remix (as 2003, when it was released, instead of 1994). I then received a clarification from none other than Autechre’s Sean Booth, who wrote as follows. Reprinted with his permission.

that seefeel rmx is actually from 94, it was done in return for their remix of basscadet but for some unknown reason warp never put it out, then mark eventually put it out in 2003 (i think cos he felt guilty or something)

some trivia: it was done on a rainy afternoon in april in the same room we made amber in (my bedroom at the time) just before we finished doing the tracks for amber, so it’s part of that era

it was a live take hence the stupid runtime

To highlight a slate of reissues from the band Seefeel, Warp Records this week posted an Autechre remix of “Spangle,” the original from the classic 1994 Artificial Intelligence II compilation that featured Autechre as well, along with Scanner, Richard D. James (in Polygon Window guise), Richard H. Kirk (of Cabaret Voltaire), and many others. In the remix, an extended bout of genteel ambience, all quavery sine waves, eventually — far later and less organically than the original — gives way to a slowly emerging , deliciously gated beat and a heavenly bit of vocal from Seefeel’s Sarah Peacock. The other members are Mark Clifford, Daren Seymour, and Justin Fletcher.

The remix dates from 1994, but wasn’t released until 2003. Here’s the original for comparison:

Get the collection featuring both tracks, Rupt and Flex (1994 – 96), at

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