This Must Be the Place

(Or, blogging is my naive melody)

Just a post to say yes, if you read that lengthy Twitter thread I committed Thursday evening on the hows and whys of blogging, this is that same person’s blog, which is to say it’s mine. I may collect those tweets into a post at some point. Much of it appears, if you’re looking for a handy reference, in slightly different form, in a 2019 post I wrote, titled “Bring Out Your Blogs.” I didn’t reread the post before tweeting, but it was on my mind, for sure.

Update: I did compile much of the thread into a proper post, “Q: Why Blog? A: Blogs Are Great.”

5 thoughts on “This Must Be the Place

  1. That was a great read, esp. your Q & A afterwards. I’d like to very much encourage you to take that Q & A and make a blog post out of it for easy reference to new bloggers. I’d be happy to link to it as a resource.

    Thanks and blog on! Ray

  2. Just want to say thanks again for the encouragement you offer re blogging. Your earlier posts helped me reorient myself to the blog I’ve had since the late 90s (not continuously like yours, though).

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