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From the past week

I do this manually each Saturday, collating recent tweets I made at, my public notebook. Some tweets pop up (in expanded form or otherwise) on sooner. It’s personally informative to revisit the previous week of thinking out loud.

▰ Life these days: Walk into a store and find myself thinking, “This place is like someone took all the metaphors of online life and made them physical, right down to the ‘shopping carts.'”

▰ Sleepy. Hence: Was listening to an audiobook read by an actor with a particularly strong British accent and found myself thinking, “This really could use subtitles.” Which is, of course, a book.

▰ After much consideration, I opted not to test this. Far as I could tell, neither did the sheep on the other side.

▰ Feel a bit like a Cylon. Tom Petty’s “American Girl” came on the outdoor speakers at this cafe and I’m incapable of not singing along.

▰ That the concern is old enough that it was recognized some time ago, and that this sign was created and installed, and that it has aged this much since

▰ Excited to announce that the Disquiet Junto is again teaming up with Musikfestival Bern (thanks to Tobias Reber), the annual Swiss event. We’ll be doing three projects, music from which may end up as part of the festival. Details to follow. The first project will involve insects.

▰ Have a great weekend, folks.

  • Count how many different bird species you hear

  • Listen for repeated interstitial music in shows you binge-watch

  • Sort out a way to financially support a musician you like (buy an album or t-shirt, subscribe to a fan club, etc.)

See you Monday.

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