Environmental Industrial Music

In outer space

Industrial music is generally all klang, and it is truly industrial more by association than by audio hallmarks. The sounds are sourced from what might very well be an active factory floor, but the dance floor is where they are intended to reside, and where they are most at home. Another kind of industrial music is more akin to environmental industrial music: the sound of an inactive factory floor, when the motors are humming but activity is on pause. Such is “Grave doubts – Decisioni difficili” by the Italian musician Marco Mascia, who lives in Cagliari. The gorgeous echoes of grating noise suggest an immeasurably cavernous space, one built to house vast human aspirations, and either temporarily unused, or perhaps left behind entirely. The spaciousness does have a space-ness, the more you listen into it. Because this is not merely music one listens to. It is music that asks you to step inside it, to explore it from the inside, from inside the geography it intimates. Perhaps this is interstellar industrial music, the room tone of a former robot-making facility on Mars, before civil war tore the planet apart, or an ice-processing plant in the asteroid belt, no longer in use since the stargates opened.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/progettosonoro. Found via a repost by Robert Knote.

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