Tilliander’s Strobe

Sine waves from Sweden

“Two sine waves entwined pass me by Part 2 (2021)” by Andreas Tilliander, the musician who sometimes goes by Repeatle, is far more than two sine waves. And fair warning, the image in the accompanying video is stroboscopic in a manner that certainly aligns with the title’s aesthetic approach — in which patterning pushes the sensory limits — but also might, for some people, provoke seizures.

That isn’t the point, of course. This isn’t aggressive music, and the strobing of the video isn’t an anti-social act. It is a thriving thing, and a beautiful one at that. The filament-like symmetries we watch flutter through various formations, a kind of nanotech Rorschach or moiré ballet, while Repeatle’s music explores a kind of industrial babbling, ripples of drones serving as nubbed percussion, eager metrics plotted with soft edges.

Video originally posted to youtube.com. More from Repeatle, aka Andreas Tilliander, who is based in Stockholm, Sweden, at repeatle.bandcamp.com.

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