Weekly Beats 2022

"Three Clock Problem"

I’m gonna give the Weekly Beats series (weeklybeats.com) another go this year. It’s a great online community, one where people post their tracks and comment on each other’s. Unlike with the Disquiet Junto and other communities, there is no required compositional prompt, though folks do propose such things in the WB forums.

My first Weekly Beats recording of the year, “Three Clock Problem,” is a simple drone (yeah, yeah, arguably beat-less) I put together in VCV Rack 2. A series of quantized pitches are sent through a reverb that has a wide array of controls. Rather than one consistent clock, there are three clocks, one at a time, that are triggering the quantizing, including whether or not it’s even running. Due to the reverb’s generous spaciousness, there’s never a gap. It’s quite simple. The foundation of this originated from a patch by Omri Cohen. Recorded in Audio Hijack from the system sounds, with the fade out introduced in Audition.

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