Current Favorites: Peel, Reidy, Ide

Heavy rotation, lightly annotated

An occasional answer to a frequent question: “What have you been listening to lately?” These are annotated, albeit lightly, because I don’t like reposting material without providing some context. I hope to write more about these in the future, but didn’t want to delay sharing them.

▰ One highlight of the various artists album MSCTYEXPOUNKNOWN PLEASURES ZONE is a mix of drones and wordless vocals by Hannah Peel. The record also features work by Loraine James, Akrafokonmu, Yuri Suzuki, mcconville, Bill Fontana, and Yuval Avital.

Julia Reidy’s World in World is an album of otherly tonal, often textural, experimental guitar tracks with occasional vocal touches.

Yasushi Ide’s new album, Cosmic Suite2​-​New Beginning-, includes a variety of collaborators, among them DJ Krush for this dubby treat, “Outer Space”:

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