Disquiet Junto x Musikfestival Bern

Pictures of an exhibition

It is with great excitement that I share these photos of the John Cage Room at Musikfestival Bern, which runs in Bern Switzerland from September 7 through September 11. Longtime Disquiet Junto participant Tobias Reber, who works for the festival, shared these photos, and many more, as he worked on arranging the display in advance of the festival’s start. Included are listening stations and graphic-score visuals of work that the Disquiet Junto music community did this year when taking up three composition prompts developed in collaboration with the festival. These included responding to a conversation between composers Cage and Morton Feldman, being inspired by everyday randomness, and building on a drone from a chord by Cage — which became a lengthy, nearly two-hour mega-mix, thanks to Tobias’ edits.

More on Musikfestival Bern at musikfestivalbern.ch.

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