On Moving TWiS to Substack

An upgrade

As of October 11, 2022, my This Week in Sound email newsletter has moved to thisweekinsound.substack.com, including the full archive.

Why the switch, why now, and why choose (after spending a heap of time looking at alternatives) Substack?

Interface: Tinyletter has a bunch of shortcomings, the overarching one being that it hasn’t appeared to have gotten much development attention in recent years. (This may be because a company bought Tinyletter in 2011, and then that company was bought by another company in 2021.)

Ceiling: Now that I’m sometimes sending out two issues of TWiS a week, I’ve gone well over Tinyletter’s limit. I literally couldn’t have sent an issue today, on schedule, if I’d stuck with Tinyletter.

Embeds: In Substack I can embed playable things like videos and audio right in the email. It’s like I’m suddenly in 2022. (SoundCloud playlists don’t seem to work, though, so maybe I’m still in 2020.)

Support: And, yeah, there are some payment options, which is nice, but the newsletter remains free. I may add something extra (key word: “extra”) for paying readers down the road, but have no specific plans at the moment. (Ideas appreciated, certainly. Thanks.)

Timing: Substack has scheduling built in. This means I can just set it to publish TWiS, which takes a lot of pressure off me.

As I mentioned yesterday, TWiS remains free, but of course feel free to get a paid subscription as a means to provide support. Thanks.

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