On Repeat: Delay, Drumcorps, Corruption Loscil, English

Brief mentions each Sunday of my favorite listening from the week prior:

▰ Just loving this Vladislav Delay EP, Hide Behind the Silence, three tracks of what sounds like desiccated dub. It’s epic and intimate, glitchy and static, antic and attenuated all at once. Apparently he’s putting out four more of these EPs over the course of 2023. Can’t wait. And as someone let me know on Mastodon, Delay is doing a simultaneous area-long series called Dancefloor Classics, of which the first volume is out. (Delay, born Sasu Ripatti, is originally from Finland.)


▰ Night Ride is a splendid collection of (mostly) downtempo and reflective tracks from a musician (Drumcorps, formerly also known as Aaron Spectre, based in Amsterdam) more widely associated with metal-driven breakcore:


▰ Japan-based Corruption is still at it, some 1,696 SoundCloud tracks and counting. “Bq” is just under two minutes that charactertistically merge/confuse/blend noise and field recordings and more overt if deeply submerged musical material into something entirely its own realm of experimental psychogeographic soundscaping:

▰ While bands are in short supply these days, one benefit of the rise of solo musicians is the subsequent rise in collaborations, such as this team-up of Loscil (aka Scott Morgan, based in Vancouver, Canada) and Lawrence English (based in Brisbane, Australia), Colours of Air, thick with vaporous wonders, discomfitting slomo percussion, and cinematic undercurrents:


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